I look from the wings at the play you are staging,
While my guitar gently weeps.
As I'm sitting here doing nothing but aging,
Still my guitar gently weeps.

George Harrison


There is a wonderful short review of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill in the New Yorker. To read it, click here.

There is an interview with me in a new book called Stage Fright: 40 Stars Tell You How They Beat America's #1 Fear. (I don't take the "star" description seriously.) You can find information on it here.

The paperback edition of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill has gone into a tenth printing.

New Video has re-released the documentary film The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill in a special two-disc collectors edition. For more details, click here.

Linda Fairchild Contemporary Art is selling prints of my photos of the wild parrots. For more details, click here


No gigs currently scheduled. Working on the book.

This page was last updated on March 16, 2012